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Thank you for visiting my website!  My intention is that you will have a  better and clearer understanding of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Reiki after your visit.

Many of my clients have told me that I should mention that the words herein are my own words....I did not hire a technical person to write my website.  These words and the feelings behind them are from my own mind and my own heart to your mind and your heart.

I invite your comments, questions and inquiries. I am only a phone call away.  I always offer an initial FREE 20 minute phone consultation for new clients.

Often people ask me "how did you ever become interested in the work you do?"  My story/response to that question is at the bottom of this page.


All hypnosis/hypnotherapy sessions are personalized and specific to your goals.  I teach every client techniques for relaxation and self-hypnosis.  Bring a recording device so I can record your hypnosis session...this is a FREE service.


The American Medical Association approves of hypnosis.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation.
You have been in hypnosis at least twice in your last awake/sleep cycle.

You are more in control when in hypnosis than when fully-awake.

No one can hypnotize you against your will nor "program" you to do anything
that is against your morals and ethics.

My Credentials:

    Hospital-Trained  Hypnotherapist
    Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Instructor of Hypnotherapy

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

Graduate of The University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Science Degrees in
logy, Mathematics and Secondary Education

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Why I became a certified hypnotherapist and reiki master -
Since an early age, I have been much intrigued by psychology, para-psychology, metaphysics and, what later became known as, the mind/body/spirit connection.

Two traumatizing events in my life led me into my work as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher.

The first experience I had in the mid 1980's brought me full circle into having to use that innate mind/body/spirit connection to help myself.  I was diagnosed with a herniated ruptured disc at L4 and L5  and I was told that I was not a candidate for surgery.  The sharp lower back pain was excruciating and constant as was the debilitating pain in my right leg due to pressure on the sciatic nerve by the discal material.

The feeling in my leg was like a sharp knife tearing up and down my leg without a moment of interruption.  Since I chose to not become dependent upon pain medication, I was left on my own to  figure out how to manage the pain, how to nurture and heal.  For several months I literally "lived lying down on the floor".  Standing for any duration was impossible and sitting was only a little less so.  The only way I could "sit" in a chair was to sit like a gargoyle!  With my feet on the chair, knees bent and my upper body leaning forward, this bizarre posture gave me a stretch in my lower back which helped a little bit.  However, the posture became unbearable after ten or fifteen minutes.

During these months I was ever-mindful of my own spirit, realizing that the only way to my healing was between me and God - The Divine Creator - Infinite Intelligence.  I used meditation (which is likened to self-hypnosis) to help me to calm down and "get on top of the pain".  I used visualization to imagine my body perfectly healed.  My miracle finally happened after several months.  My disc eventually healed and I was finally pain-free.  I could walk and run and jump and dance!  My posture was and still is perfect.  One of the affirmations I said everyday, and still do say it, is...."I expect and receive miracles every day and one of my miracles is that I am pain free...thank you God!"  I have been pain-free ever since and no recurring problems with L4 and L5.  This experience left me with a clear knowing and understanding of what real physical pain is like.

The second and the worse of the two was my son's death in 1996.  How was I going to manage this kind of pain?  How was I going  to recover and keep on living?  I am blessed to be surrounded by loving circles of family and friends who all helped and still help me in myriads of ways.   I am blessed with a strong spiritual foundation too which helped and still helps me in ways I had never imagined.  This is not to say that I did not "rail against those divine powers-that-be that allowed this to happen".  I had to move through all those levels of emotions to gain a new foothold in a different reality from what had been true for me.   My inner work to heal and move through this "grief-pain" was different from the pure "physical pain" from ten years earlier.   I used prayer and meditation.  I miraculously arrived into a state of surrender and acceptance.

Did life go back to normal?  What is normal?  I did move forward.  Some things stayed in place, new things and new people showed up and somehow I found a peace settling in.  

I realized that other aspects of who I am helped me in my healing.  Since my teenage years I have designed and made clothing and costumes and home decor.  I became a professional designer.  My sewing machine and serger are always set up and ready to use!  I am a published poet and am active in a poetry group that broadcasts live on local TV monthly.  My poetry became cathartic as I put words to my emotions and emotions to my words.  My weekly routine for many years includes work-outs at the gym and teaching several dance classes.  I believe that time spent in these "other parts of my world" have provided a respite from the hurt and pain.  They give me something totally joy-filled upon which to focus my attention, energy and emotions.

I believe that these two life-altering events prepared me for my work in hypnotherapy and reiki.  In 2000 I began classes in hypnotherapy, first at a local hospital and continued my advanced training through a national board.  I earned designations as a Hospital-Certified Hypnotherapist and Master-Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor of Hypnotherapy.  A close friend of mine introduced me to her Reiki Teacher and I became a Reiki Master/Teacher.

After I completed my certifications in these modalities, I became a Hospice Volunteer through the hospice organization in my home town.  The training program was outstanding.   For me it was another, yet different, journey into my soul.  I also started a bereavement support group and continued leading that group for  over a year.  We all helped each other in unexpected ways.

I am thankful and grateful that I found resources and people to help me to grow and change and to change and grow.  I believe that "nothing happens by chance".  I believe that Divine Intelligence guides us into the right place at the right time with the right people for the highest and best results for all.  Helping others has intrinsic rewards for me.  I learn from every client and student.  Whenever one says "thank you...you made a positive difference in my life" I am blessed by their words.  I am thankful and appreciative for having my work to do.  It helps me as I help others.

Thank you for your taking some of your precious time to read this!   Blessings, Dorothea




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